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Top 10 Words To Know Visiting Beijing.

Top 10 Words To Know Visiting Beijing. 1. Mai dan – Check 2. Cai dan – Menu 3. Xiexie – Thank you 4. Ni hao – Hello 5. Bing – Ice 6. Shui – Water 7. Bu yao – Don't want it. 8. Learning the numbers 1 through 10 will make your daily life much easier.

Caituanzi, the Baozi of the Northeast.

Baozi, jiaozi, xianbing and roubing are some of China’s most familiar stuffed foods. But in the northeast, the grain of choice tends to be corn. Caituanzi (菜团子) are made in a similar fashion to baozi and jiaozi, but with a cornflour wrap that’s purported to lower pressure while filling nutritional needs. Most caituanzi are stuffed with suancai, a kind of Chinese fermented cabbage that tastes sour. Many people believe that the sour pickled vegetable is good for the stomach. Go to recipe in this link: Caituanzi, the Baozi of the Northeast .